Self-Esteemed Princess

No full body coverage
She takes it all in stride
Clothed in technicolour
All the others black and white

She’s dressed to kill
And kill she will
While the roars of the crowd
Are becoming shrill

Step and pivot
Show the people what you’ve got
Stop and turn
The bar is your catwalk

Affection is your drug tonight
Mixed with cocktails and beer
Scan the crowd to see
Who takes you home from here

Yet, slumped in your chair
Heavy breath rising in cold air
The attention will fade
And they’ll just leave you there

About Justin

As a child, I remember my mother writing poems. Books and books of poems that I remember reading. She never showed them to me. I always just found them. To this day, if you asked me what they were about I couldn't tell you. I just remember feeling warm when I read them. I remember feeling love. View all posts by Justin

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