Hang On

we drove uptown
in your beat up chevy
with your right headlight
hanging from its socket

you turned to me
to say with a grin
that this life
had made you crazy

‘we’re in this together,’ I said,
‘and we’re going to die
holding each other’s hand
even if they’re separated from our bodies.’

your eyes suddenly lit up with glee
you cupped my cheek with your palm
before slapping the shit out of me

as we crashed through
the department store  window
I reached for your hand
to find you’d tucked and rolled from the car

The blood poured from my head
as I lit my last cigarette
and waited for the police

you were long gone
with no bodily harm
when they pried me
from the passenger seat

men in blue uniforms
cast looks of concern
watching me squirm on
bloody concrete with a smile

I could barely open my eyes
but it was your name that I cried
though I cannot even
remember it now

the I.V. was uncomfortable and
the doctors were quite unconvinced
that my stay on this Earth
would take up much of their time

you didn’t bring flowers
when you finally showed your face
offering no apology or excuse
you messed up my hair and just left

though I remember little of you now
to this day, I can’t bring myself
to ever trust a stranger again

re-learning to walk
my hands were sweaty on the rails
as my hospital gown
started to catch fire

the orderlies exclaimed
carrying me from the flames
‘dear God just give me a break!’

through the front entrance
they carried me to you
you reeked of gasoline
with a slight hint of sulfur

‘I came to rescue you,’
you cooed to me
‘they were killing you in there!’

running your fingers
through my singed hair
you placed me in the passenger seat
of your new automobile

before driving away
you walked to the front of the car
dislodged your right headlight
and peeled out of the parking lot

gripping my hand tightly
as we drive off to die together

About Justin

As a child, I remember my mother writing poems. Books and books of poems that I remember reading. She never showed them to me. I always just found them. To this day, if you asked me what they were about I couldn't tell you. I just remember feeling warm when I read them. I remember feeling love. View all posts by Justin

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