Winning While Losing

With so much living left to do
How do you deal with this kind of news?

Take a deep breath and close your eyes
Nod and agree to the terms of this life

Expiration dates are in the contract
Sign it, date it, and prepare for the attack

Diagnosis terminal written on the sheet
But my body told me far before I could see it

We wake each day and try to forget
That this all has to come to an end

Take it for granted
Be wild
Be crazy
Live in this world
Until the memories are fading

So now I drink from my leaking cup
God help the poor bastard charged with cleaning me up

About Justin

As a child, I remember my mother writing poems. Books and books of poems that I remember reading. She never showed them to me. I always just found them. To this day, if you asked me what they were about I couldn't tell you. I just remember feeling warm when I read them. I remember feeling love. View all posts by Justin

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