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Shifting Light

the late night clouds
are making faces at me.
I retort
with clouds of my own.

billowing smoke
rising upward
from an open mouth
that is sure
to join them

the stars attempt
to make me smile
yet they
will leave me, too.

the sunrise
will pick up
their task
give up
and burn
my skin.

isn’t it a shame?

with so much
beautiful scenery
all I can do
is stare
at my feet.

at least
the grass
is green
on this side.



A Smoker’s Torment

how I long
to quit you

dry mouths and
stained teeth

whisper to
their habit:

make my clothes
stink of shame

make my skin
sag and wrinkle

make me stop
everything for you

can’t tell me
what you do for me

take a look
and ponder the choice

looks so harmless
and so inviting

spark the flame
and give in

seems to have
won this time

Born Too Late

What can you do
When you’re born
Too late?

What can you do
When you’ve missed
The ones with something to say?

I take long walks
Down semi-crowded

I can hear
The thumping



Devoid of emotion

Masturbatory limericks
Clouding my head
Making it pound

It eminates
From cars passing
All the same

With a sigh
I drop my chin

What do you do
When you’re born
Too late?

All the beautiful women
Have nothing to say
They just want to
Dance and shake

But the dance has
Lost its art
Its elegance is gone

All that stands now
Is foreplay



Nothing to do
When you’re born
Too late.

When love is an illusion
Wrapped in sweat
And stinking of booze

The dance floor fills
As the alcohol spills
And I am pushed

Pushed into the corner

From here

From here I watch

From here I watch the people

All the men
Who lean across the tables
On their elbows

They fein interest

They’re not listening
It’s a game
They’re not listening
They’re nodding their heads

But they’re not listening

They give all
The right responses
Pre-rehearsed and practiced

But they’re not listening

They can only envision bare flesh
Naked pleasure followed
By adandonment

Yet I am still listening

I know everything
And have nothing

Nothing to do
When you’re born
Too late.

Nothing to do
But sit and wait
For a time to shine

In a room with dim lights

Haiku Hullabaloo

Love is elusive
The definition is lost
We give it away

Motionless blue sky
Hovering above our heads
It’s going to fall

Don’t keep looking down
Sooner than later you crash
Keep your gaze ahead

Don’t let on too much
You are full of misery
Remember it’s yours

Questions choke the air
Truth is such a rarity
Answers have no place

Puzzled heads look up
To see all the falling stars
We have no idea

Burning Doors

I’ve come to see that living this life
Comes complete with a revolving door
For folks to come and go as they please.
It’s the ones that linger inside for a while
The ones that we don’t want to see go
They gain a sense of power and influence
The longer they stay.

They stand in the lobby
Browsing through pamphlet literature
To see if they’d like anything about
The establishment.

They build up your hopes
That they may become a permanent fixture
Only to turn their curious smile into a disgusted frown
Wad up everything they know about you
Throw it away
And walk out.

The door keeps spinning after they’re long gone
And there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

For you are just the glass:

Frozen in place and broken far too easily.

A Hero’s Chorus

A hero strives for good intent
Yet seems to make things worse.
I am not he, for I am selfish
To believe that it’s bad enough.
Meddling in affairs of those
Who’d sooner have me shot
Than offer any kind of comfort.
I feel so unaccomplished.
Leaving the stubborn to their riches
And vaults full of sins that
They try to lock away;
“Forget you have the key” they say.
Ejected, I wake in a gutter
On a dimly lit street. I’m prodded
To move over and make room,
Then asked to spare some change…
…all in a days work.

High Floods

It starts with wet spotted concrete
As the weather begins to turn
When the cold sinks into your skin
Soon we’ll be up to our ears in water

The sky becomes grey
As it’s tears begin to fall
Like the storm that comes to take us
We find comfort in our turbulence

Reaching to the depths
Of what keeps us going
Wading through the flood
Trying to rise above the tide

Soon we’re swimming
Noses above the surface
Gasping for breath and
Flailing to stay afloat

The struggle begins to seem futile
As the rain shows no sign of relent
At times we think it’d be easier
To just relax and let ourselves sink

Yet we do not yield
Bodies freezing and muscles burning
We press forward with new strength
For we know there is something to fight for

Though we are blind to the fruits of our floods
The storm will pass, the sun will rise again
And anxious, are we, to gaze upon
What the steam has to reveal

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